Agency partners

Agency partners

Agency partners

Why partner with Webware?

By partnering with Webware, agencies can tap into a vast range of digital marketing expertise without the need to build these capabilities in-house. We offer services from Website creation, Branding, Blog and Social media content, SEO Optimization and more. These services also help your agency save valuable time and resources, maintain a consistent client experience and it aligns all deliverables with your agency's branding and identity intact.

By partnering with a white label agency like Webware, your agency can position itself as comprehensive one-stop solutions for your clients, providing a significant competitive edge in the market.

Agency partners

Take a look at some of the agencies that have partnered with us.

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  • Get your own branded digital marketing SaaS platform
  • Variety of tools to effectively market your agency and expand your business through digital marketing efforts
  • All-in-one platform allows for more control over clients and business
  • Streamlines marketing efforts and focuses on growth
  • Customizable with your own branding to maintain cohesive and consistent brand presence
  • Includes features to easily communicate with and invoice clients

The Hot List

  • Save time and resources by focusing on the most promising leads, increasing the chances of turning them into actual clients.
  • The app takes note of that engagement and begins tracking their level of interest in your business.

Case studies

Mike Lende &

Facing the challenges of securing capital from investors and managing his staff, Mike found relief in the Webware Partners Program. This program offered him an all-inclusive package that encompassed a marketing strategy, a SAAS digital marketing tool, and invaluable support, simplifying the task of creating engaging content to draw in and convert clients.

  • Was able to successfully launch a digital agency in 6 months with no experience
  • Achieve 7 months of 10K Monthly recurring Revenues
  • 80% profit margins!
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Cameron Bessada &

Cameron aimed to create outstanding digital experiences that more effectively showcase his clients' strengths, all while ensuring that digital marketing is accessible to businesses of any size. By partnering with Webware, Cam has been able to:

  • 2K in MRR in 3 months
  • Currently doing 20K MRR
  • Added his own store branding services to packages

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